5 Great Race Gaming Accessories

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Fancy race gaming? You have a hardcore gamer friend you wanna give a great gift to? Consider then buying race gaming accessories that would certainly make a great addition for any gamer that takes virtual racing seriously. Here are 5 must-have accessories:

1- The Racing Wheel:

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

Obviously, you’d wanna start with a racing wheel. A racing wheel changes completely the gameplay of any racing game, be it an arcade or more of a simulation game, rendering it much more enjoyable. Prefer well known brands such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec to have maximum quality and durability. You’d also wanna make sure the accessory is compatible with the console and that pedals and a shifter are also included, aside from the steering wheel.

2- A Simulator Setup:

For a maximum feeling of reality, you might also want to invest on a full setup, transforming thus the racing game accessory to a dashing cockpit. Such simulator setup include a racing bucket seat attached to pedals and shifter brackets. Other less expensive setups are designed to be put alongside a chair and are much more space economical, without shifters.

GTR Simulator GTA-S-S105LBKRD GTA Model Silver Frame

3- A Surround Sound System

To complete the gaming set, a cool sound system would make for a great complement. A surround system adds a real value as to the sounds of wheels steering, cars purring, and the orgasmic feel each race gamer has when he/she hears that distinctive sound your car makes when you overtake another racing car. Interestingly, you can extend the use of the system to other type of games as well as for music, movie and television purposes. A Bluetooth system to connect mobile devices is also an interesting option to have. Surround sound system is available in any kind of budget you might afford.

4- The Driving Games Manual:

To get an amazing feel of how great racing wheels setups can be, purchasing the official Haynes manual might give tremendous help. The manual provides a history of the technology as well as a detailed history of the games putting forth this technology. Last but not least, the manual also describes the different racing techniques, and tutorials on how to set up the simulator and adjust the car in-game for maximum efficiency  are also included.

5- The Carbonfibre Wrap:

VViViD XPO Red 3D Carbon Fiber

To add a personal touch, carbonfibre wrap would enable you to transform a controller, a desk, or an entertainment center into a custom racing accessory. You can for instance creatively use carbonfibre wraps to spell out your driver name or team name. You can also greatly personalize your set by combining a carbonfibre wrap to a dash bezel and a printed out tachometer.

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