6 Simple Ways to Show you How to Use a Bathroom Scale

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While trying to lose weight your bathroom weight scale can be in your side or it could be against you, it all depends on how you are using it. Having a bathroom weight scale will be accurate to tell you exactly how much weight you have lost and how much more you need to lose. It is your alert, it tells you when you need to make some drastic changes in your daily routine to stay healthy, fit and looking gorgeous. To have the most accurate reading your bathroom weight scale can give, you simply need to follow these 6 simple tips to show you the right ways to use your bathroom weight scale.

1- Calibrate your scale:

To ensure that your scale is giving you an accurate reading, make sure to check your analog scale that comes equipped with either a dial or knob. You can find the knob located at their base. To know exactly if your scale is accurate or not, you can place an item that you are sure of its weight, such as a bag of sugar that weighs 5 pounds. If the scale reads only 3 pounds then you need to adjust your knob to the correct reading. You may want to repeat this every 3 months.  

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2- Place the scale on a hard surface:

While trying to weigh yourself make sure that your scale is placed directly on the ground, or any other hard surface to have the most accurate reading possible without getting distracted by any items that may get in the scale’s way. Placing your bathroom scale on a carpet may give you a wrong reading, because the fibers of your carpet may interfere.

3- Use on a level surface:

A level surface will give you the best reading possible, on the contrast with uneven surface that may cause a disturbance and as a result you will get inaccurate reading.

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4- Use it in the morning:

To make sure you weigh your correct weight, make sure to always use your scale in the morning. Weighing yourself before eating or drinking will give you your exact weight, weighing yourself with a full stomach, may add a little bit to your weight, which will give you a wrong reading and a big disappointment.

5- Wait for digital scales:

If your bathroom scale is a digital scale, then you need to press the bottom located on the base and wait until you see the zero. A lot of digital scales may display the number zero more than once, so make sure to wait until you see the consonant zero, and then you can step on your scale.

6- Keep it personal: 

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The springs in your scale will become worn due to the overuse by you and by other people. To prevent this to happen sooner, make sure to use the same scale to weigh yourself all the time. And also make sure to tell everyone in your family that this scale belongs to you and to you only.

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