7 Easy Ideas To Update Your Old Dresser

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Your dresser has been more than useful to you, it had your back for years, it helped you get more organized and keep all your precious things in order. So instead of getting rid of it, you can show your love to your dresser by updating it. Updating your old dresser will save you lots of money, and it will give you the chance to start a fun DIY home project. Here are 7 easy way to update your old dresser.

1- Add some new paint to your dresser

Changing the color of your dresser is one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can do to make it new again. Obviously there are many color to choose from, so you won’t find any trouble match your new paint to the decor you have in the room. If you want some contemporary look, go for black and white. It is modern, elegant and timeless. If you want something more outside of the bos, then go for more colorful paint. You can also choose some beautiful patterns, you just need to know exactly what kind of pattern you like, and you can easily make it yourself.

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2. Get ready to paint your dresser by preparing its surface: If you don’t want all those imperfection to be shown, then you better prepare your surface before start painting. If you have any rough spots, then make sure to sand it beforehand. And if needed, patch with some wood filler. You can use a no primer required paint, such as chalk paint, or you can simply use a primer if you want. After finishing all the painting, make sure to use some wax, or a sealant. This way your paint will look new, shiny and amazing for a very long period of time.

3. Add some sparkle into your dresser: Knobs of your dresser may also get old, rusty, outdated, or simply it is not good enough for your taste. Don’t worry, just like paint, drawer pulls and cabinet hardware are easy to find and replace. You can find hundreds of different styles online that will definitely add some sparkle and shine to your plain dresser. If by any chance you choose a hardware that needs more holes or different holes than the ones you already have, then just fill the old ones with some wood filler, sand it and paint it, easy peasy.

4. Transform your dresser from boring to stylish: Most if not all dressers have their drawers in the front, which is perfect because you can change that old look by something completely different and elegant. You can use some decorative aluminum sheet, you can choose wood overlay, you can go for small mirrors, you might get creative and use some sheet music, or even go for some faux cowhide. There are many many choices in the market, you just need to get creative and bold enough to try something new. Since any material can be put as the cover of your drawers, you can look inside your own home and see if there is something that might look awesome in there. You can even use a simple material such as an old blanket or an old bed sheet with some beautiful pattern. Cut it to into the size of your drawer, get some glue, and voila. As I said, there are many ways you can turn your old boring dresser into a stylish one, you just need to think a little bit and get artistic.

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5. Don’t forget the inside of your dresser: It’s true that the inside of your dresser is only seen when you actually want something from your dresser. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. You can paint the inside as well in a different color than the outside of the dresser. You can use some gorgeous patterned drawer liner. You can also paint and decorate the sides of your drawers as well as both sides of your dresser, which is of course a must.

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6. Don’t forget the top of your dresser: You painted and decorated the face of your dresser, you painted and decorated the inside of your dresser, and you painted and decorated both sides of your dresser, now it is time to paint or decorate the top of your dresser. When it comes to updating the top of your dresser, there are many ways you can go for. 1. You can paint it in a different color than the color of the rest of your dresser. 2. You can change the whole top by getting a new wood top. 3. You can get some patterned stickers and change the look of your top in an easy cheap way.
7. Go bold and do all the above: To update your dresser, you can choose only of the ideas we already said before, but if you want some extreme makeover, you can try all the previous ideas. You can paint your dresser with some bright color, you can use stickers or patterns, you might change all of your knobs, update the inside, sides and top as well. It is your dresser and yours alone, so you might as well get bold and original and turn your old dresser into a masterpiece.

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