8 Books Your Kids Would Enjoy: Books For 0-3-Year-olds

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I probably said this a million time already, but it will always stay true. Your kids need to get accustomed to books at a very young age. This will make them used to the idea of reading when the time comes. In this post, I will introduce 8 great books that your kids will enjoy. Well, I should mention that these books are just for infants to 3-year-olds (pre-reading level).

1. Edible Numbers by Jennifer Vogel Bass: If you are looking for a fun, easy and cool way to make your kid learn about numbers and veggies at the same time, then Edible Numbers by Jennifer Vogel Bass is the book to go for. It is yummy to look to all those fresh vegetables and fruits, which can actually make your job as a parent a little bit easier by encouraging your kid to eat veggies. The book will help your little one count numbers from 1 to 12, which is more than enough for a small child.

2. Jack Wants a Snack by Pat Schories: Who wouldn’t want a little snack? Jack the dog is as determined as all of us when it comes to getting a piece of that delicious popcorn. The book is wordless, but the pictures are adorable and they are easy to understand, which will make your little one follow the story with no trouble whatsoever. You can also encourage your kid once she/he starts speaking to tell you the story in her/his own words. That would be so much fun, trust me.

3. Rhymoceros by Janik Coat: If you want to make your little one learn new words and words that rhyme together, then Rhymoceros by Janik Coat is a clever fun way to do it. The book has some great wonderful design that will make your kid love it from the first touch.

Your little one will also come across some of the images that are touch-and-feel, which is always great.

4. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by Jane Cabrera: Your little one will be introduced to the concept of generosity, sharing and kindness through this great book. Your child will also learn about friendship and how good friends help each other in time of need.

PS: Don’t be expecting the usual “Baa, baa, black sheep song”, though the chorus will stay the same.

5. I Get Dressed by David McPhail: What’s cuter than a little fox wearing a cute little dress you might ask, well, of course, a little kangaroo wearing little pants. In this well-designed book, your little angel will learn about clothing and at the same time about animals.

6. Playful Pigs from A to Z by Anita Lobel: Let your little one learn about letters in the most enjoyable way possible. Playful Pigs from A to Z by Anita Lobel will make that task much easier. The little adorable pigs will surely make you feel that this book is an awesome first ABC book for kids.

PS: The book will also help your kid learn about names

7. I Play by David McPhail: Run, sing, dance, and hop―follow Bear on his energetic romp! This is exactly what “David McPhail” wants you to do in his great book “I Play”. In this book, your little one will learn about different activities and also action verbs. You can encourage your kid to do exactly what the adorable bear is doing. This will make reading much more enjoyable for the both of you.

8. Bear Can Dance! by Suzanne Bloom: I’m pretty sure your little one would wish to fly too, which is exactly what the cute bear is trying to learn. But he will soon discover that no matter what he does, flying seems impossible. Well of course, until he discovers music and how flexible and energetic he can be while dancing. This book has a good story about friendship and how friends will help each other, which is always a good thing to teach your kid.

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