A Vintage Theme To Design And Decorate Your Garden

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Garden art is a cool hobby. If you happen to venture into the strange yet rewarding world of gardening, you will find a hobby that will actually bear fruits (so to speak) to your efforts. So why not also then make the effort to have a nice-looking garden, attractive to the eye as well as efficient? Here are some tips that will help you design your garden.

1- The Shed

If you’re lucky enough to dispose of a shed, you might want to embellish it. I recommend personally a vintage outlook, with vintage garden tools, galvanized watering cans, vintage cast iron pumps, and rustic wood bird houses. Paint the shed with stain colors, add a wood bench maybe in the proximity, and fill the window boxes with flowers, such as petunias or else, and you will most probably enjoy making a daily visit to your shed.

2- The Fence

You don’t need to have an overly flashy fence, but putting some basic decoration might be a nice plus. You can add for example a wooden window frame and some old wooden shutters to keep that vintage style. You can also add other flowers to the window boxes if you want to.

3- The Tools

To be consistent, keep a similar style to all the objects surrounding the garden. That means also the garden and the building tools. You can then for example have vintage tools or primitive tools, antique saws, and vintage cast iron wheels. You can decorate your tools if you wish so or leave them just as. You can also display your tools on the fence or the shed wall.

4- Staging

Adding some swell adornments is also a peachy way to decorate your garden. You can in that effect add potting tables, wooden crates with chalkboard paint, clay pots, galvanized watering cans, and twig wreath. Put together, your garden scenery will be certainly lovelier.

5- Repetition

Repeating the same embellishment can add up to a real swell effect on your garden. You can thus just display in repetition your collection of watering cans, clay pots, birdhouses, picture frames, wind chimes and so on.

6- Don’t Worry About The Rust!

If you decide to keep on that vintage look, you won’t have to worry about the rust in your metal ornaments. On the contrary, it will accentuate the desired effect. Such metal ornaments include metal garden orbs and other garden art metal ornaments (birds or bike for instance).

7- A Sign

A garden sign will be the first thing an outsider would notice looking at your garden. So putting a nice one will definitely set the tone. You can have a humorous sign, or a memorable expression. In any case make it a personal sign that people can enjoy reading it, you can also add an old trowel to it too.

You might also be interested in some galvanized buckets, vintage hammers, and other garden decor items.

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