Better Be Safe! Boating Safety Gear Buying Guide

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If you’re lucky enough to have boating as a regular hobby, or if you’re considering to take up such a recreative activity, you must know that you’d best be prepared before setting off to watery adventures. Such preparation include having the necessary safety gear that could prove to be a lifesaver. Here is a list of boating safety items and instructions you should know about.

1- Boating Safety Kit + Distress Signals

It’s important to keep with you a boating safety kit with at all times when heading off to deep waters. Make sure the kit contains all the necessary medical supplies as well as distress signals, both a visual distress signal and a sound producing device.

2- Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

You’ll have to get a PFD for each of the persons on the boat. PFDs are rated in 3 types, from I to III, Type I being the most reliable. A PFD has to fit perfectly your body and be comfortable, you can adjust it to make it so. In addition to the life jackets, it’s necessary to have a throwable Type IV PFD as well.

3- Manual Bilge Pump + Buckets

There’ll always be water thrown on deck, it’s only natural. However it may get to a point where it becomes troublesome, in which case you would need buckets in order to get rid of it. A better way yet is to have a manual bilge pump. Working like a regular pump, it is faster and more efficient than buckets, but it’s probably a good idea to have them both.

4- Paddles

Sometimes the boat’s outboard motor or other mechanical device fail you. A paddle would prove then to be quite handy to move the boat and not stay stuck in the middle of nowhere, drifting aimlessly.

5- Marine Fire Extinguisher

A marine fire extinguisher is compulsory to have on board. If a fire starts, sure there’s all that water at your disposal, but it won’t be as reliable as a fire extinguisher, so make sure to buy one, better be safe than sorry!

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