How To Choose Hardware For Your Linux System

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Once you know what software you need, the next smart step would be to know which hardware you should choose. That’s why I am here to give you some (hopefully) useful advice.

If you are totally sure that Linux is the one for you, then you might be thinking about two things, whether to use the current set of hardware, or you can just upgrade the hardware.

If you decide to install Linux on an existing hardware, then you should know that there are few components that might cause some trouble to you, such as webcams, wireless chips, printers, and the GPU.

Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop, 23.8″ Full HD, Intel Celeron 3215U

Rather than just wipe your hard drive with Linux, you might want to use a live USB or CD so you can boot that system into Linux. Then, later on, you can test their hardware ( all of it). After that, you need to plug all the pieces of hardware and check if they are working perfectly or not. If you find yourself in need to install some additional drivers, then don’t worry, the task might be so easy, just make sure you choose the right OS. If you find that the hardware works perfectly, then feel free to just go and wipe your hard drive and install a distro that suits you.

Considering compatibility while planning to buy a new hardware is a must. Though your choice of laptops is kind of limited, you can still find some companies, such as

System76, that will provide branded laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed.

I know I said your choice of laptops is limited, but you can still find some laptops that will work perfectly fine with Linux. If you opt for the MacBook Air, then you should know that extra work needs to be done. But it is totally worth it at the end when you run Linux. But keep in mind that you absolutely need to do some research just to know whether or not the laptop you have chosen will have some future problems with Linux. Knowing all the possibilities might save you energy, time, and money.

If you decide to go for a desktop, then the best advice I can give you is to actually build your own PC. This would work better than just buying a branded PC because this way you can choose your own parts, which will help you find the possibility to choose a hardware that is perfect, and of course, you would know for sure that it is compatible with Linux.

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5 Advanced Edition

You may know this, but I will say it anyways, once Microsoft began  pushing for UEFI Secure boot, another component became critical, yes I am talking about motherboards. So, when you actually plan to buy the motherboard, the smartest thing you can do is do a lot of research about the model number and whether or not the company allows disabling secure boot.

If you choose to get a GPU, then you need to know that it can be a little bit troubling. If you are planning to play high-end games then you must consider a dedicated GPU.

ASUS PCE-AC55BT B1 AC1200 Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 PCIe/Mpcie Adapter

Wireless and Bluetooth chips are also something you need to consider and know a lot of info about. Some motherboards have built-in support for both, which is great, you should definitely get these kinds of motherboards. The one thing you should absolutely not overlook is that they both work well with Linux. If you find yourself with a motherboard that doesn’t have these chips, then it’s fine you can just get a Linux supported PCIe card.

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