How To Choose Motorcycle Gear: Womens’ Guide

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I love anything that goes fast, so it comes as no surprise that I totally love bikes. Since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming of owning a bike and go for a long solo trip. Unfortunately, that day has not come yet, but I’m still optimistic.

As a feminist, seeing women embracing their powerful side is very refreshing. That’s why I love seeing women riding their bikes (among other things powerful women like to do) and ignoring the fact that most people would say it’s a thing only men can do. Yeah whatever.

Well before you actually start riding your bike all over town, you really need to know some stuff, such, hmm you know, motorcycle gear. I know that you cannot wait to be on your bike, but motorcycle gear will actually save your life. In this post blog, I’ll be talking about the necessary motorcycle gear every woman who can’t wait to be on her bike should know.

Before start talking about the necessities, I just want to talk about the classic biker jacket, and oh boy it is classic indeed. The biker jacket is not exclusive to bikers anymore, a lot of people wear it simply because it is so damn great even if they do not own an actual motorcycle, which is kind of cool.

Back to the motorcycle gear and why you should have them ALL. Well, first of all, (I’ve already mentioned this, but no harm in repeating it) motorcycle can save your life, seriously. The gear will also make the whole motorcycle ride way much comfortable (especially if you are riding in a cold weather). And of course, let’s not forget that when you go full gear, you would look like a total badass who people should absolutely not mess with.

Motorcycle gear includes 5 main things:

1. The most important of them all, the HELMET: If you do not own a helmet, then baby girl just stay away from that bike, trust me it will save your life. (Rated DOT, BSA, Snell……etc)

2. Pants: Most people think they can ride without it, but when it is cold or rainy, they will know what a big mistake that was. Go for pants that have some kind of armors in the knee area and hip area. And of course, they should be really extremely flexible.

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3. Classic biker jacket: It will not just make you look cool, awesome and tough, but it will actually save you from all kinds of weather change. Go for jackets who have armors in the elbows area and shoulders area. Make sure the jacket has some kind of internal back protector.

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4. Leather gloves: You can choose any kind of gloves you want, but leather would work best. Just please wear gloves, your hands will thank you for it. Your gloves should absolutely not be small, and need to be flexible, actually it should be really flexible. Remember it is not for your casual wear, your leather biker gloves will be using levers and controls.

5. Strong killer boots: Who wouldn’t love biker boots? Exactly! No one. They are amazing and you can wear them with almost anything, even if your are not riding your bike. Your boots should cover your ankles. They also need to provide a firm grip. Better go with boots with no laces.

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What style is best for you?

The best style for you is the style you feel comfortable with. I can keep writing for days telling what style you should go for, but it would all be for nothing. You the person who will be wearing those clothes, and you alone should know what style would work best for you.

As you can predict, black is not the only color for bikers. You can find any color you want. You might also go full commitment and match your gear with your bike. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the type of gear you need to buy depends on what kind of riding you will be doing. But fear not, anything you need, will be there waiting for you to go and get it. So you go girl.

Leather or Textile? Leather or Textile? Leather or Textile? Tough question indeed

Well call me traditional or old-fashioned but I kind of prefer leather, but that doesn’t mean textile is bad or anything, actually lots of people might prefer it better. Well, you can be your own judge.

Leather: Leather has always been and always be the best material for bikes. It’s solid, firm, durable and simply amazing. Leather will give you all the protection you need and it will work great in any weather. True that leather will not come cheap, but who cares, it is totally worth it.

Remember I said leather can work great in any weather? Well to be completely honest, rainy days are not leather’s best days, yeah too bad, this is the one thing that I hate about leather. But thankfully, there are many brands that add a removable waterproof membrane or lining that fix this annoying problem. Oh yeah, one more thing ( I love leather so much that I tend to forget some of the drawbacks, my bad), leather might be too hot for you during summer, and not too warm during winter, so keep that in mind while choosing the clothes you are wearing underneath.

Textile: I know I kind of made it sound as if textile is a terrible choice, but trust it is not. Textile of the past is absolutely not the textile of the present. Textile is very breathable, waterproof, have reinforced material for better protection, and they are amazing because they can be warm when you need them to be warm, and cool when you need them to be cool.

If you are planning to ride your sports motorbike on the track, then you might consider leather gear, and I am not saying this simply because love leather, I swear. But actually, leather can give you a much more reassurance and comfort. And Of course, I should absolutely mention this, a lot of  lapping events will definitely not permit textile, why you might ask, well I really have no clue why.

Better go for garments that have armour

If you want to have a complete protection, then having garments with armour is the perfect way to go. The armour will give you extra protection in your back, knees, hips and also elbows, extra protection means more safety, and who can say no to safety right?

Just like helmets, garments with armour need to have the CE approved stamp on them, this way you will know for sure that they are good enough to actually protect you.

Another tough question, which one you should choose, a one-piece suit or a two-piece suit?

One-piece suit: Though both suits are totally amazing, I personally prefer the one-piece suit better, just because it looks better and totally badass. But it is also great because it will give you a full protection from any kind of weather. One thing I really hate about one-piece suit is that it can be really awkward and so uncomfortable when you need to use the toilet.

Two-piece suit: A two-piece suit is much easier to wear and of course, really comfortable and convenient for toilet breaks. Make sure that the jacket and pants zip together easily and perfectly. You need also to be sure that no air or rain can get inside the suit.

If you can afford it, go for motorcycle rainwear

Another option you can opt for is motorcycle rainwear. Waterproof outfits are good no doubt in that, but if you can afford something else, then having a suit that you can wear whenever there’s rain is not a bad thing, at all. Motorcycle rain suits are designed to be worn on top of your regular suit, so you need to make sure you don’t take a small size. Most these rain suits have some bright colors to make it easier for other people to see you, especially since it is raining and it can get really gloomy out there.

Remember what I said, the rain suit is designed to be worn only on rainy days, and it is made specifically to be worn on top of your regular suit, that’s why you need to go for one that is roomy enough for you to move freely and of course, ride freely with no restrictions.

Let’s get serious and talk about the costs

Buying the whole motorcycle gear will absolutely not come cheap (crying from the inside), but you should know that they are really durable ( seriously), which means you might actually need only one outfit for the rest of your life, okay maybe two or three, depending on your body’s change, and how good you are in keeping the gear safe and protected.

Keep in mind that the higher you pay for your gear, the better quality, the better protection and better safety you will be getting.

Now that you know what you need to get, here are some few tips that can be very helpful to you.

  • Never ever ride your bike without your gear, and especially without the helmet, I know it is tempting, but trust me it is absolutely not worth it.
  • Try the suit, jacket or pants before you buy them, and make sure to try them with the bike to see how they feel while riding. This way you won’t be having any unwanted surprises on the road.
  • If you are planning to ride your motorbike in a dark or a dangerous road, then better wear something that will make you visible for others, this way you won’t put yourself or others in danger.

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