Make Your Pooch Paws Look As Stylish As Possible With These 9 Dog Boots

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A lot of people, including me, believe that dogs are the most friendly creatures ever. They are the best friends of a lot of us, so it would make sense if we put a lot of efforts to make them feel special, healthy and beautiful. Providing healthy food, a comfy bed, some toys and definitely some quality play time is a must, but there are some other ways to show your love to your dog, such as dogs costume and dogs fashion. If you want to dress your cute little puppy with the cutest boots, then you should absolutely keep on reading. Here are the top 9 dog boots for your best friend.

Measure Your Dog’s Paws Before Actually Buying Dog Boots:

Before actually starting our list, we are going to show you how to measure your dog’s paws. For this you would need: 1. A piece of blank paper 2. A pen or pencil 3. A soft tape measure.

1. Place the paper on a flat ground and put one of your your dog’s paws on top of the paper.

2. Take the pen and start outlining the paw. You can start from front or the back of the paw, as long as you miss nothing. Make sure to outline the entire paw, even the claws.

3. Take the soft tape measure and start measuring the width and length of the paw.

Knowing the exact measurements of the width and length of the paw, will make you know exactly the size of the boots you should get to your dog.

1) Ruffwear: The first thing you should know about ruffwear, is that there are 3 different styles, and all 3 are worth having. Whether you choose the summit trex, the polar trex or the grip trex, your dog will absolutely adore it.

  • The Summit Trex: You can choose between the stormy gray or the orangey orange. Both colors are beautiful, so any choice would be the right choice. If you have some rough surfaces, extreme temperature or any snowmelt chemicals that you don’t want your dogs paws to touch, the summit trex is definitely the one for you. It will protect your dog’s paws perfectly.
  • The Polar Trex: If you are looking for some red cute boots, then go for the polar trex. They will look great on your dog and they will protect him from any cold temperature and icy conditions.
  • The Grip Trex: You can find this amazing dog boots in granite gray and red rock. The rugged outsole makes it perfect to be worn for a long period of time. It is also very handy and functional in varied terrains.

2) Guardian Gear: If you want some great waterproof dog boots, then the perfect choice would be the Guardian Gear Weatherized Fleece Boots. The boots also have some cool thick rubber soles that will protect your dogs from multiple elements. And we shouldn’t forget about their elastic ankles and their reflective Velcro closures that will provide all the comfort your dog deserve.

3) Top Paw: If you know dogs fashion , then you know that Top Paw has a wide range of clothes and costumes that will fit most dogs. You can find various colors, such as pink, blue, red and gray. The brand also offers some really cool patterns, such as the polka dot. No matter what style you want to have for your little buddy, I’m sure you can find it in here. And you don’t have to worry about the materials, it is 100% polyester or a little bit of a blend.

4) Protex Pawz: If you want something easy to clean, then there is nothing better than the Protex Pawz Dog Boots. Originally made to be disposable, but as long as they are not torn, you can easily clean them and reuse them again and again. If you and your dog are out for a walk in a rainy day full of mud, then those will be very handy. They are also waterproof, which again prove how functional they are. The rubber used is 100% biodegradable natural, so it would feel natural to your dog. And of course since there is no padding in them, your dog will feel as if he’s walking on the ground directly.

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5) Wag-A-Tude: Sneakers or sandals, Wag-A-Tude will surely hook you up. The brand is interested in making your dog as fashionable as possible. If you are familiar with Chuck Taylor’s fashion style, then you already have an idea what Wag-A-Tude is all about. The sneakers the brand offers can easily match your own sneakers, which will be perfect since you and your puppy are already soulmates. If it is hot in there and sneakers may be too much for your dog, then go for some cute sandals.

6) Muttluks: Just like the Ruffwear, the Muttluks also come in 3 different styles. The hott doggers, the all-weather muttluks and the fleece-lined muttluks.

7) Pet Life: Who says you only can enjoy the comfort and cozy feeling of UGGs. Pet Life did absolutely not forget about your pet, and introduced these adorable UGG for pets. When it is chilly and cold outside, make sure to throw some coat and pet UGG on your dog as well as yourself. And just as our usual UGGs, pet UGGs are as beautiful and stylish as ours.

8) Kong: If you’ve been a dog owner for a long period of time, then you probably have some products from Kong. Whether it is pet clothes, pet beds, pet toys, etc, kong will definitely has it. With their good quality and amazing style, Kong surely made its name standout in the market. The amazing set of high-top hiking boots made especially for dogs will absolutely look great on your dog. The thick rubber soles makes the boots perfect for any surface.
9) Pup Crew: If you want something classy, cute, adorable, stylish and still affordable, then go for Pup Crew. They use some faux suede, but it still protect your dog’s paws from any rough surface. The brand also has some really lovable set of Santa Claus boots that will surely make your dog shine during christmas.

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  • The Hott Doggers: Those cute boots are economy boots that will make your dog feel all the softness and comfort indoors. But I guess it would be fine if they can be worn outdoors as well.
  • The All-Weather Muttluks: No matter how cold or hot the weather is, the all-weather muttluks are an amazing choice.
  • The Fleece-Lined Muttluks: Wearing the fleece-lined muttluks will make your dog have all the comfort cozy feeling in the world. These would be a great choice for winter.

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