Shoes For Babies, Toddlers, And Preschoolers

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We may not admit it, but we parents are usually quite puzzled when it comes to buying shoes for our little ones. You may indeed ask yourself what would be best for your baby/toddler/preschooler, how you can determine the adequate shoe size, does a brand name bring a plus, and similar kind questions. This guide will attempt to answer these questions you might have. We hope you will find it useful!

For Babies:

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At such an early age, it is recommended to leave the baby barefooted as it is a period when babies learn to walk, and it is much easier for them barefooted. But when you take your baby outside, you’d naturally want to cover your baby’s feet against the sun or the cold. For that, you’d best need something made of rather soft, and flexible material with which your baby’s little feet can breathe. A simple pair of socks will do, or if you prefer a shoe so as to eliminate the possibility of the baby bring off the socks, opt for mocassins designed for babies, such as those produced by Robeez and PediPed for example.

For Toddlers:

Toddlers would have learned walking by then and it’s time to invest on some toddler shoes in order to protect their cute little feet. For that purpose, they should be built with a flexible yet firm sole. You’ll have to get your child’s foot measurement of course; it would be best realized by someone experienced in doing that. Don’t forget to recheck the measurement say, every trimester, as toddlers’ feet grow quite fast. That’s why it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy an expensive brand at this point. You wouldn’t want to use +50$ for only a couple of months!

For Preschoolers:

Preschoolers are quite the energetic devils with all the running, jumping, falling, splashing and other joyful activities (for them)! Durable is hence the new variable here in addition with the previous ones. You can then allow yourself to buy more expensive shoes as you won’t need to replace the pair of shoes as much as before, but still, your kid might still grow two sizes in a single year!

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