Summer Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

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Summer is the season where you can look stunning with just little clothes. It is also a great time for us to wear some fresh, light spectacular colors. Since summer means hot weather, then you should try to keep you clothing choice as light as possible, you don’t want to end up melting in the subway. As lovely and adorable summer is, there are some few problems that we have to deal with, some you might already know, some you will know after finish reading this post. Here are few problems every girl has to deal with in hot weather.

1. What to do when the room temperature is not the same as the outside temperature: Most of the time we dress for the outside and depending on the temperature we believe it is outside. That’s why we tend to forget that we are not going to stay out all day long and at some point we are going to actually get inside. You should keep in mind that summer means that the air conditioner is “ON” at all time, which will create a problem to you if you have just little clothes on. Sleeveless clothes might be the perfect choice for 100 degrees outside, but in your office it might be only 70 or even 60 degrees. So if you don’t want to end up freezing to death in your work place, you better follow these two tips.

  • Keep a shawl or a scarf in your desk at all time: One way to stay warm in your office is by keeping a scarf or a shawl in your desk at all time. This will make things easier for you, the minutes you feel that it is too chilly for you, wrap that shawl or scarf around your shoulders or even your legs if you are wearing a short dress or a skirt. You can choose a neutral pattern or color that can match any of your clothes, no one said you can’t look chic and elegant while trying to get some warmth.
  • Bring with you a sleeve cotton cardigan, a 3/4 length will do the trick: If a scarf is not enough for you to get all the warmth you need, then you can always bring a cotton cardigan or you can simply leave on in your desk. Your cardigan doesn’t have to be heavy, just pick something light and voila, you are cozy in your office. Just like the scarf, keep the color and pattern of your cardigan simple and easy to be matched with the rest of your outfits.

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2. The best way to choose a summer dress that will not display your bra straps: We all love to wear summer dresses that are short, revealing and light. But what I personally hate about summer dresses is that they show my bra straps. If you feel the same way about bra straps, then here is a one simple tip you can follow.

  • Go for sheath dress styles: The best way to hide your bra and not needing to buy a new one to match the dress, is by getting a sheath dress. If you don’t know what is a sheath dress, then don’t worry it’s not as complicated as its name. It only means a dress with thick sleeves or straps. Well you can understand why it’s an amazing choice to not display your bra straps, because this dress style has even thicker straps, which means there is no way your bra can be seen.

3. What to do when you are in love with your arms, but in a complete hate relationship with your legs: Maybe your legs are too pale, maybe there is a scare in there that you do not want to show, or maybe you just don’t feel like shaving. Whatever your reason is, then it’s fine. If you don’t want to show your legs then follow these two easy tips.

  • Wear light pants: Jeans can be a real pain during hot weather. It will make you uncomfortable, sweaty and will make you really hot. The best way to choose a great summer pants is by trying to find something that fits you perfectly and that is light enough to give you enough air in your legs. Cuffed silk pants are very popular nowadays, so maybe you should start with them. These are perfect for almost any occasion, you just need to know how to latch it with the rest of your outfit.
  • Wear long skirts, or long dresses: Long skirts will surely give you all the freedom you need to move around. A long elegant maxi dress is always a great choice, it will make you look pretty and very comfy. These two can also be worn anytime and anywhere.

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4. the best shoe choice for the workplace: Since you are not working from your home, then you cannot wear flip-flops. If you are not comfortable enough to wear heels to work, or you think it is too much effort and too much pain, then here are two tips you can follow.

  • Wedges are a lifesaver: Wedges are the best alternative for heels. They are high enough and dressy enough to give you the elegance you need for work, but at the same time they are comfortable to wear, light on your feet and they are perfect for summer. Wedges can be worn with pants, short skirts, long skirts, and dresses in every length. Do you need more convincing?
  • Go for light breathable flats: Flats are light, easy to walk with, comfortable to wear and will absolutely not give you any pain no matter how many hours you wear them. Flats will keep your feet from getting all sweaty, they will keep your feet to breathe easily and you can match it with anything from your closet.

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One thing you should keep in mind when it comes to hot weather fashion is that you should feel comfortable wearing, comfortable walking with and comfortable enough to leave the house wearing it.

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