The Essential Car Accessories You’re Gonna Need With A Baby On Board

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Having a baby is marvelous, no one denies that, but best come prepared. In fact, parents need to take a look at their daily routines, the objects they use, the house they live in etc, and make it baby-friendly. Among those things is… the car. Thankfully, there needn’t be a radical makeover, but here are the essential car accessories you’re gonna need to ensure your little child will be safe and cozy while you are driving.

The Child Seat:

It is actually mandatory to have an approved child seat for babies and little childs. You want also the back seats to be easily accessible for convenience. If you’re thinking to buy a new car to make the transition to a bigger family smoother, consider buying one with rear doors that open widely.

Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier

When buying a child seat, there’s a few things to know first. One is mastering how to fit it inside the car. The only solution for that is practice. In terms of safety, you can follow the guidelines of the crash test organisation Euro NCAP that make a good job at rating the different models. The excellent organisation also gives out great advice for infant safety, check it out.

The most reliable seats yet are the rear-facing type. Combined with Isofix points fittings (compatible with the great majority of recent cars), it shall provide the best security there is for your baby. Isofix points are standard attachment points that are both easy to set and work perfectly safe, a better alternative than the regular seat belt. Moreover, there are some child seat models that feature a plastic moulding that allow you to clip on the Isofix points and make it even simpler to attach. Newer vehicles have an even better system with casings installed round the individual points.

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster, Atmosphere

Other Essentials:

A baby needs all sorts of items to carry around with you, car included. You should have then a car with a large enough boot to carry a baby’s buggy, a Moses basket, or a travel coat, not to mention also the obligatory toys and overnight bags.

Finally, in terms of convenience and safety, there are some solutions you could consider. One is leather upholstery; although it is a bit expensive, it makes up for it with how easy you’ll find it cleaning up after your messy (but cute) baby.

Mother Nest Baby Carrier 3

A keyless entry is also quite useful considering your hands will be very likely busy carrying the baby. Last but not least, window blinds will prove quite handy protecting the little creature against the sun, especially during summer.

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