Tips To Devise An Eyesore-Free Home

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We all have items in our house that are necessary in our everyday life but constitute some sort of an eyesore. Whether it is cell phone chargers, endless electronic cords, messy stacks of shoes, we cannot get rid of them but we don’t like looking at them constantly either. Here are some tips to cover and hide your household eyesores.

Use Containers

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If you don’t particularly enjoy seeing at every corner shoes, mail, and other messy objects, you can stock them out of sight inside some nice looking containers; or you can organize them in a more tidy way by using some storage-ready furniture that are pleasing to the eye.

Use Art To Cover Eyesores

Fuse boxes or other necessary electronic devices such as a keypad, a door control, or a doorbell box integrated into a wall can be hid while keeping an easy access to them whenever we need using them. A hinged lightweight art piece, a framed mirror, or a memo board ideally fit that role by attaching the hinges to the backside of the frame and to the wall.

Use Desktop Organizers

You can use desktop magazine file to cover electronical devices such as a Wifi router, it will have the advantage of not hindering the wifi signal, as it is open on top. You can also put them under the desk or in a drawer by drilling holes to plug/unplug the devices. Consider also putting a mounted rain gutter or a wire basket with small hooks to cover all the cords. Hiding all these eyesores will certainly make for a more soothing atmosphere, less burdensome.

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Use Wall Shelves/ Medicine Cabinet

Shallow wall shelves or medicine cabinets can also make a nice cover for wall-mounted electronics. This will allow you to put all the electronics inside boxes in one place. You can hide the surge protector cord with a paintable cord cover. A wooden wall spice rack with magnetic closure to avoid wild swinging, while covered with art canvas works as well. A vintage soda crate can be a clean cut alternative too.

Use A Wall Art Gallery

You can camouflage your thermostat, wall jack, or switch behind a gallery wall collection. This will put neat decoration to your wall, just make sure that air circulates rightly to allow the thermostat to work without obstacles. Or you can just replace your old thermostat and switch cover models with better ones that will not constitute an eyesore no more.

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Use A Room Screen/ Fabric Curtain Panel

A room screen or a fabric curtain panel provide yet another solution to get out of sight anything ugly you can’t exactly get rid of (atrocious wall treatment, shoe racks…). A house void of any eyesores is one of the important factors that lead to creating a welcoming atmosphere to any happy home.

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