Top 5 Family Games To Play On New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is always a special event. It’s an occasion to be with family and friends in a festive gathering. To spice things up, we usually try some play board games or other similar family games. They’re a lot of fun when played in a joyful spirit (some sparkling cider may help achieve that…). Here is then a Top 5 of the best family games to play on New Year’s Eve. Whether it is for a group of kids or/and adults, enjoyment is guaranteed. Oh and it costs almost nothing.

1- Family Time Capsule

In this game, you put in a mason jar the little memories, pictures, and meaningful objects from the past year so as to share together common or more personal experiences with your friends and family. Getting nostalgic is generally a good way to kickstart a whole new year, with brand new perspectives.

2- Printable New Year’s Game

A seriously awesome kid’s journal

Much like the first game, this one allows the playing group to share memories and reflect on the past year, but in a more interactive way. You submit printed questions in a bowl, questions such as the best conversation you had this year, favorite movie of the year, the most fun you’ve had and so on…. Each participant can then take turns and answer questions, eloquently if possible, gotta please the crowd!

3- Photo Memory Game

The concept of this game is to gather family photos from the past year, or even more ancient ones, cut them out and glue them into cards. You can put the year the picture was made as a hint while the participants will have to compete in retelling the story of each pic. A nice tradition to have.

I SPY Memory Game

4- Activity Sheets

Activity sheets is a nice way to keep the small children busy and entertained until the midnight countdown. The activity sheets typically propose different sets of game, diversity is important so as not to bore the little kids, and they will probably heartily attempt to fill them out, leaving the adults with the freedom to play their own grown-up games.

5- Countdown Goodie Bags

Another fun method to keep the kids amused is  to stuff the activities in a countdown goodie bag that you will reveal to them a new one each passing hour till midnight. You can stuff for that purpose in the paper bags all kinds of toys, games, snacks, and pretty much everything you can think of they could enjoy doing.

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