Top 5 Wheels For Your Japanese Car

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New wheels are a real look-changer. If you happen to own a Japanese car (great choice by the way), check the top 5 wheels that would look best on cars designed in the Land of the Rising Sun:

1- Rota Grid V:

Very popular, the Rota Grid Vs are available in various colours, sizes, and stud patterns which make it certain you would find the specific model that perfectly fits your car. This particular wheel looks particularly good on smaller cars.

2- Enkei RPF1:

The Enkei RPF1s are race-designed wheels with their split-six spoke design and cast in aluminium. Spec-E inspected, this ultra lightweight wheel would fit superbly any Japanese ride. Different sizes are proposed as well as black, silver or gold colours.

3- RS Watanabe:

A classic black or silver wheel portrayed notably in  Initial D, the RS Watanabe combines a retro look with a performative design that makes it a choice you probably won’t regret. Even the retro design can fit a modern style car, it’s that good.

4- Rota Slipstream:

The Rota Slipstream has a minimalist, no nonsense design but has nothing to prove as reflected by its worldwide popularity. Better looking in modern cars, it is a lightweight yet strong wheel that are ideal for fast road or track use.

5- BBS RS:

Usually seen on old European cars such as BMWs and Volkswagens, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t fit Japanese autos. The polished lip wheels mesh design reflect a more retro style, but the adequate colour can correct that if you’d rather have them on a modern one.
Honorable mentions: Rota RT5; Enkei Apache II; SSR Formula Mesh; Ronal LS

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